Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. I've decided that as hard as it is to design for yourself, writing about yourself is even harder. So even though I'm tempted to ignore this section, I figure it wouldn't be fair to my guests.

My experience in software development spans well over ten years now. I started with experimental development by myself ('learning by doing'). After this phase I started as a software developer during my university studies in the C++ scene and then I have switched to the Java language - almost from the beginning. Until now I have been improving my skill set continuously - especially in the web and interactive world to build high-performance, scalable and maintainable - but not over-engineered - websites. I believe that simplicity of a solution ensures protection of investments for the ever-changing requirements in today's fast-paced world and is one of the most important - but almost underrated - challenge in coding.

In addition to my technical and market experience, i have been developing my soft- and management skills - starting with team leadership. Currently, I am the Head of the Development at edict in Hamburg, Germany, where I am responsible for all research & development projects along with 15 - 20 developers.


  • since 10/2008
  • 05/2004 - 09/2008
  • 07/2000 - 04/2004
  • 04/1999 - 07/2000
  • 02/1999 - 03/1999
  • 10/1995 - 01/1999

Personal Data

  • Name
  • Year of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of Residence
  • Nationality
  • Foreign Language
  • Qualification
  • Norman Schöeneich
  • 1974
  • Flensburg, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • German
  • English
  • Master of Science in Computer Science

Skills / Area of Expertise

  • Management
  • Business Knowledge
  • Development
  • Database
  • Web/App-Server
  • IDE
  • VCS
  • OS
  • Team-Leadership, Decision-Making Ability, Assertiveness, Budget Planning, International Experience with Teams in London, Madrid, Malta, Vienna, Berlin et al.
  • Sportsbetting, Horsebetting, Lotto / Lottery, Casino, Slots, Poker
  • JEE 6 Full Stack
  • Architecture & Design
  • Agile Development (et al. Scrum, XP, TDD)
  • Mobile: Android, iPhone
  • SQL/Non-SQL: f.e. Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB
  • et.al. Glassfish, JBoss
  • et al. IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse
  • et al. Subversion, Git, Mercurial
  • Apple, Unix-Derivate, Solaris, Windows


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